• Protecting Your Small Business From Internet Security Threats

    Some of the top security threats that a business can face include: privacy in the cloud, cyber crime, damages to a business’s reputation, and the constant changes in technology. It is vital, now more than ever, that small businesses are prepared and knowledgeable about cyber security. Where could you possibly start? A great place to […]

  • How the Internet of Things Will Affect Cyber Security

      One of the main things defining the Internet of Things is “something trendy yet mysterious.” Which means that not everyone quite understands IoT – especially non-tech people, but everyone thinks it sounds like something important. Think back to pre-Y2K days, when speculation ran the gamut from “nothing will happen” to “total meltdown of civilization” […]

  • Changing your Basic Corporate IT Security Behaviour

    If you thought that corporate IT security had got better in the last decade, you would be wrong. In fact, until 1992, it was against the law to use the Internet for commercial purposes. In February 2012, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and many other major media announced that they had been […]

  • 3 Cyber Security Threats to Safeguard Against

    Analysts seem to be scratching their heads about a lot of unknowns. The stock market continues to grow, but could reverse at any moment. Various financial experts seem to be taking bets on whether interest rate hikes will be “in awhile” or “sooner than you think.” But most people in the know are finding common ground […]

  • Internet Security Threats: Who Is Stealing Your IP Address?

    The IP (Internet Protocol) address is how the router you use is identified on the Internet. This address is tells anyone what sites you visit and your general physical location, which your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can narrow down to your specific account. ISPs will identify you by name, if subpoenaed. They may also identify […]

  • Dealing with Shadow IT: Taking Inventory of IT Assets

    With the prevalence of personal digital devices, there’s no stopping the advent of Shadow IT. In cases like this, it’s better to be flexible and able to work with these developments to improve productivity instead of clamping down and making things harder for everyone involved. Here are some tips for building a strong foundation to work […]

  • Improve your IT Immune System Against Internal Threats

     Imagine your business information system as the body’s immune system. While the skin keeps most pathogens from getting access to the body’s more vulnerable organ systems, it can’t stop everything. The same goes for your IT security. A good firewall, strong passwords, and IT best practices can protect against most threats, but some will inevitably […]

  • Mobilegeddon: How Does Your Site Rank?

    At just about every company with an online presence, executives were left scratching their heads on April 21 and wondering how the changes Google made to its search algorithm will affect their customers’ ability to find their website. Here is some good news you might not have realized about Google’s new algorithm, known as Mobilegeddon: […]

  • Dealing with Internet Security Threats: Hackers

    No matter what type of business you run, internet security threats are a major concern. Without a strong grasp of how to handle internet security, you could be putting your client and customer data at risk, as well as your own proprietary systems.  To help you improve your information security, we’ll break down some of the most common […]