• Don’t Forget Mobile Devices in Your IT Security Strategy

    Some business managers forget that IT security doesn’t just deal with desktops and laptops. It encompasses all devices that access the network. If just one unsecured smartphone or tablet is connected to the business network, everyone may be at risk. The problem is that many businesses don’t have a clear data security policy for employees […]

  • How the Internet of Things Presents New IT Security Challenges

    The Internet of Things promises to improve life in a variety of areas, particularly health care. However, a system that links devices such as pacemakers through the Internet also has the potential for facilitating crime. According to an article in Tech Times, a study conducted by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) suggested that the first […]

  • Humanizing Corporate IT Security for Users

    Corporate IT Security can be one of those catch-phrases used to stonewall a project. If an IT person is not brought into the loop early on, an information management project might not be approved. Users won’t have the best tools available to get their jobs done, customers and clients won’t have what they need for their customers […]

  • Is Shadow IT Finally Coming Out Of The Shadows?

    When you receive an email or document in your office email, do you ever forward it to one of your personal email addresses? If so, you may have done it because your company only gives you a small amount of storage space for your emails. Maybe you forwarded it to your personal email account because […]

  • Expect Even More Security Threats With Internet of Things

    According to a recent article from CIO, the now infamous Target data breach that exposed the personal information of millions of customers was caused when a contractor who worked on the company’s heating and air conditioning gained access to the information via its online system. With the coming of the Internet of Things — the […]

  • Good IT Security Means Getting the Details Right

    The scale of information and expertise a CIO or IT department manager needs on the job is truly enormous. Many individuals who don’t work in these roles would be daunted by the scale of what’s required. While many good IT professionals relish the challenges of providing IT Services in their organizations and love the diversity of […]

  • Protect against ‘Backoff’ and other malware

    The past year has been notoriously bad for data breaches. This week the New York Times reported that a Russian crime ring obtained 1.2 billion user name and password combinations from 420,000 websites. At the end of last year Target and other large businesses discovered malware on their point of sale systems that was capturing […]