• Protect against ‘Backoff’ and other malware

    The past year has been notoriously bad for data breaches. This week the New York Times reported that a Russian crime ring obtained 1.2 billion user name and password combinations from 420,000 websites. At the end of last year Target and other large businesses discovered malware on their point of sale systems that was capturing […]

  • Shadow IT: Risky Business  

    Shadows come in many different shapes and forms, but not all of them are friendly. A shadow IT is one of the not-so-friendly variety. It describes the use of IT services or systems that do not have corporate approval … yet. Can You Say … It happened here at my business. An end user with an approaching deadline acts […]

  • Why You Should Hire an IT Security Team

    Your business is booming. Thousands of users have signed up for your website. You login to your email client so you can check the amount of money that you’ve made yesterday. Instead of being greeted with a summary of the amount of sales your business has made, you notice tons of emails from your customers. […]

  • How Your Trusted Employees Can Compromise Your Corporate IT Security

    As businesses continue to monitor External Corporate IT Security Threats, it is just as important to develop sound strategies for protecting against intentional and unintentional security breaches from within the organization. Often times, the employees who are trusted the most are the ones who either maliciously or without intent, compromise the security of the vital IT […]

  • Protecting You Customers from Internet Security Threats Is a Must

    Although Internet Security Threats have been around since the beginning of computers just recently threats have been brought into the mainstream media. At the end of 2013 several companies had malware installed on some of their key systems which led to millions of customers data being compromised. One of the biggest companies that were compromised was Target. […]

  • What Is ShadowIT And Is It A Problem

    ShadowIT is the term that’s used to describe the use of IT systems that haven’t received corporate approval.  Such as employees using their own digital devices to access and use company systems.  These are considered ShadowIT systems because they are not usually being used within the company’s approved guidelines for the control, documentation, security and reliability of the company’s security […]

  • Human Malware – Privilege Sprawl

    (Collaboration of Mike Murphy and Jake Taylor) How can companies prevent employees from gradually, and probably inadvertently, gaining access to more systems and resources than they need?  How much of a security risk is this phenomenon?  What are the most effective solutions? The answer here can be in context of access permissions (where users can […]