• Dealing with Internet Security Threats: Hackers

    No matter what type of business you run, internet security threats are a major concern. Without a strong grasp of how to handle internet security, you could be putting your client and customer data at risk, as well as your own proprietary systems.  To help you improve your information security, we’ll break down some of the most common […]

  • Watch Out for Ransomware Warns IT Security Specialist

    You turn on your desktop expecting to finish up a project that’s due today for your most important client. Everything looks normal until you start clicking the project file. Instead of it opening as usual in the appropriate application, the file displays a message stating that it’s encrypted and that you need to enter a […]

  • Tips for Dealing with Shadow IT

    With recent revelations that Hillary Clinton used a private email server during her term as Secretary of State, it’s clear Shadow IT isn’t something that is confined to the corporate world. This is a good time to address the core of this phenomenon: Shadow IT is here to stay. With that in mind, you can’t look at […]

  • Is Your Business at Risk for Internet Security Threats?

    Employees at any business have to juggle a variety of different jobs every single day. One of the main tasks that employees have to maintain is the company’s presence online. This task can be done by someone in the IT department, an employee in the marketing department, or anyone else with the proper knowledge of […]

  • 3 Handy Tips for Handling Corporate IT Security

    You can’t go more than a few days without hearing another story about hackers making off with credit card information or medical records or even military blueprints. These are terrifying stories, conjuring images of dimly lit rooms and dozens of shadowy figures tapping away at their keyboards to make off with millions of dollars. However, that’s […]

  • Don’t Let Hackers Take Control of Your Business

    You don’t cut corners when it comes to your business. You hire the best people, purchase the best equipment, and provide the best product or service possible. You may even cite the adage “the customer comes first.” You do everything you can to make sure that all of your customer’s expectations are exceeded whenever they interact […]

  • Don’t Expect Shadow IT to Go Away Any Time Soon

    Normally, your company’s IT professionals have the responsibility of creating and implementing the various internal systems that are used to grow the business. The use of cloud services and cloud systems have significantly grown over the years. With this significant growth, a large number of services and products are available that will make the jobs […]

  • Protect Your Small Business From Fatal Internet Security Threats

    For a number of years, small and mid-size businesses were not the leading targets for hackers or cyber attacks. However, it is not the same anymore. When it comes to Internet security threats and attacks, these businesses are more attractive because they might not have the best online security; online security in small and mid-size businesses is likely to […]

  • Corporate IT Security is Neccessary in This Day and Age

    Is your corporation protected from hackers? If you answered anything other than a confident “yes” it may be time to consider corporate IT security. Hackers are becoming more powerful and prevalent by the day. Unfortunately, the best and the brightest hackers tend to go after corporations and small businesses. They know that they can do […]