Application Control Solution

Arellia Application Control Solution provides advanced application security with a combination of privilege management and application whitelisting. Using privilege management, administrator rights can be removed from end users resulting in a more secure and stable system. Approved applications and installers can also be elevated for Standard Users. Whitelisting protects against advanced threats by only allowing trusted applications and blocking or containing untrusted applications.

In addition to whitelisting Arellia also provides blacklisting, dynamic listing for situation awareness and application reputation intelligence. This helps automate application control to enable customers to be more efficient.

  • Without Arellia:
  • With Arellia:

  1. Before
  2. After

Benefits and Features of Arellia Application Control

Application Analysis

Find Applications Requiring Administrator Rights

Gartner recommends using Windows 7 migrations as a catalyst to remove administrator rights. With migrations to Windows 7 comes the challenges of understanding applications that require administrator rights and whether they will have compatibility issues.

Arellia Application Control automates the analysis of applications:

  • Administrator Rights: discover applications that need administrator rights
  • Application Compatibility: understand application’s compatibility issues before migrating to Windows 7 or 8
  • Detailed Reports: execution frequency, user, and computer
  • Installers: Identify application installers and their location in your environment


Refer to Arellia’s Whitepaper: Accelerating Windows 7 and 8 Migrations with Application Analysis for more information on application analysis.

Elevate Privileges

Elevate Applications for Standard Users

According to Gartner, “When exploited, most Windows vulnerabilities provide access in the context of the user. Operating system (OS) files and configurations are better protected when users run with standard user rights.” Gartner also notes cost savings of $653 per Windows computer per year when well-managed and locked down.

Arellia Application Control Solution elevates privileges for:

  • Active X
  • Applications
  • Network Located Applications
  • Printer and Driver Installation
  • Scripts
  • User Justified Applications
  • Windows System Utilities


Flexible and Intelligent Whitelisting

Advanced Persistent Threats and other complex malware such as Stuxnet and Flame require aggressive protection measures. Using Arellia Application Control Solution, trusted applications are whitelisted and untrusted applications are blocked or contained with Arellia’s Orangelisting approach.

Threat Protection

Protection against Advanced Threat

In 2011, over 42% of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Security bulletins were mitigated by running with reduced user rights.

Arellia protects applications from threats through privilege reduction:

  • Document Readers
  • E-mail Clients
  • Instant Messengers
  • Media Players
  • Office Suites
  • Web Browsers