Application Privilege Management

Remove Administrator Rights

Organizations are faced with a dilemma with Windows user accounts, they can either allow their users to be productive and   use the applications they need to perform their job by giving them an administrator account or they can ensure their environments are secure and stable by giving them a standard user account. With Arellia Application Control Solution, Windows Privilege Management Software, the best of both worlds can be achieved. Arellia least privilege security to enable applications for standard users and remove privileges for internet applications for administrator users

  • Users can be productive and systems will be stable and secure.
  • Internet browsers and web facing applications run with reduced privileges protecting them from zero-day threats
  • Applications that need administrator privileges to run correctly will be elevated for making standard user computing possible for the enterprise

  • Why Privilege Management?

    “When exploited, most Windows vulnerabilities provide access in the context of the user. Operating system (OS) files and configurations are better protected when users run with
    standard user rights.”
    Gartner, Best Practices for Removing End-User Administrator Privileges on Windows
    Removing administrator rights solves these problems, but creates other issues. Standard users cannot

    • Use common Windows utilities such as the Disk Defragmenter, change the time, or run backup their computer
    • Install software without assistance from IT
    • Run many applications that require administrator rights

  • How Arellia Helps

    Arellia software for privilege management provides least privilege rights for applications by:

    • Identifying applications that require administrator privileges
    • Granting administrator privileges to those applications enabling them to run by a limited user
    • Removing privileges from commonly exploited applications to minimize exposure to vulnerability exploits
    • Audited user-elevation of application for users who need flexibility to install software without IT assistance

  • Benefits

    The benefits of removing administrator privileges with using privilege management software are proven:

    • Up to $653 in cost savings per system per year when removing administrator rights according to Gartner in The Cost of Removing Administrative Rights for the Wrong Users
    • Protection from nearly 50% of Microsoft vulnerabilities and over 60% of Adobe vulnerabilities
    • Fewer calls to the helpdesk to resolve misconfigurations created by the end user

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