Local Security Solution

Arellia Local Security Solution, account and privilege manager software, secures privileged users, groups, and applications. Discovery of local administrator accounts assists in creating policies to remove administrator rights from unauthorized accounts and secure authorized accounts. With policies in place, authorized accounts are audited for password disclosure making IT administrators accountable for their use. Critical applications can be hardened to prevent user or malware tampering.

Benefits and Features of Arellia Local Security

Admin Discovery

Understand Who Has Administrator Privileges

If asked tomorrow, could you tell your auditor who has administrator access to your Windows Servers and Desktops? Arellia regularly discovers accounts with administrative access:

  • Local Administrator Accounts
  • Domain Accounts with Local Administrator Group Membership
  • Effective membership for Active Directory Administrator groups

Password Management

Secure Local Administrator Accounts

PCI DSS, HIPAA, USGCB, Sarbanes-Oxley, and every security best practice recommend complex, frequently changed passwords for accounts. The dirty secret for most organizations is that local administrator accounts rarely have their passwords changed and those accounts and passwords are shared by IT administrators for service calls and administration. Arellia addresses this problem by:

  • Applying complex and unique passwords to common local administrator accounts for each computer
  • Securely storing the passwords in a central vault for authorized disclosure
  • Limiting access to administrator passwords and logging all disclosures

Privilege Manager

Continuous Administrator Rights Compliance

Knowing who has administrator rights is only half of the battle; maintaining administrator rights access is the rest. Arellia Local Security Solution can be used as a privilege manager to ensure that only authorized accounts have administrator rights by:

  • Removing unauthorized accounts’ administrator rights
  • Ensuring authorized accounts maintain administrator rights
  • Provisioning common accounts
  • Deleting undesirable accounts


Protect Critical Applications from Tampering

Critical services and application are prone to user or malicious software tampering. There is also the challenge of changing passwords for service accounts which may have access to critical network resources. Arellia Local Security Solution hardens critical applications and acts as a privilege manager:

  • Automate password changes for service accounts
  • Reconfigure services with new passwords
  • Implement least privilege security for services, files, and registry keys of critical applications