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Is creating User Resources without ResourceKeys bad?

The definite answer is Yes.  This is the official word from the SMP Development team.  Whilst Symantec Support may deny it, creation of User resources without the 'name.domain' Resource Key will most probably result in duplicate User Resources within the CMDB.

Whilst CMDB Import tasks do create 'name.domain' Resource Keys for Computer resources, it does not for User resources.  The 'name.domain' Resource Key is a requirement for both Computer and User resources.

My newly created User Resources are being deleted!

Arellia's "User Server Resource Discoverer" discovers User resources which have no required ResourceKey and deletes them to ensure that no duplicates will be created in the CMDB.

To disable the automatic delete of User Resources without resource keys, in the configuration tree:
/Settings/Arellia/Infrastructure/Resource Discovery/Server Discoverers

Disable the "User Server Resource Discoverer"

I cannot rely on my Active Directory for importing Users and need to import using the CMDB Import functionality

Whilst this problem has been acknowledged by Symantec development there is still no current fix to the issue.

There are ways to get around the issue however if the CMDB import populates the "Global Windows User" dataclass with the domain name and user id of the user being imported.

Arellia suggests that the following three sql scripts will assist with the User Resource import without Resource Keys being populated, and should check with your Symantec Support Representative before testing or applying any changes.

Detect Imported Users that are a duplicate
Detects Users populated with domain details that should have a resource key populated
Detects Users populated with domain details that have a Resource Key that does not match the correct calculated KeyValue
Inserts ResourceKeys for Users that have Domain details populated, but no corresponding resource Key exists
Updates ResourceKeys for Users that have Resource Key that do not match the upper case domain details
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